Can I just say something really quick? Of course. x

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME: 5/5 Favorite TV Shows


"The force is strong in this one."

"Mmm. I have no idea what that means, but I am pumped!"

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Yeah, you’ll be skin

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brookelipton: Love Is A Battlefield with these two sexy boys!!!!! @chriscolfer @DarrenCriss kickin ass!!!!

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In high school I did everything I could not to take my shirt off in front of other people. Like, I don’t think I showered once after gym class. Now though, thanks to a little more working out, a little more protein, my outside-self is catching up to my inside-self. And I feel pretty comfortable in my skin. And that feels good.

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Kurt Hummel + sex

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I have chlamydia.

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↳ 42/100: driving’s fun!

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So this whole episode tweeting thing they’re doing tonight… I’m jsut gonna suggest lots of positive tweets (especially towards RM) about NYC Glee. Because we’ve all LOVED it so far. And it’s miles ahead of where it was, and I know that interview has gotten people upset, but let’s be nice and friendly when we tweet him, okay? Say what you want to say, but say it in a way that makes them see where we’d like the narrative to go. 

"NYC Glee is AMAZING! More pls!"

"Loving Klaine in NYC! Will they live together again?"

"Keep NYC Glee, we all love it SO MUCH!"

Stuff like that, instead of devolving into hate and rudeness as often times happens. Let them KNOW what we’re enjoying, so they will hopefully go “hey, they’re really liking this. We should do more of that/this next season”

Now is a good time to ask questions (nicely) so we can get a better idea of what the heck that interview was trying to say. Cause it was pretty vague and scattered at best.

Happy tweets, happy thoughts, happy and growing and learning about themselves and them and each other Klaine! :D

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i went to read a fic and i,



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